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How to Set language:

Usually you can set the stereo language in Setting - System - Language & Input - Languages - long press and move the icon of Selected language to the 1. row / or just press the icon of Selected language (The operation method may differ depending on the stereo model)


How to learn Steering Wheel Control 

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How to track my parcel:

Globe tracking: https://www.17track.net/en

4PX tracking: http://track.4px.com/query/?locale=en_US



CLVW91 2G16G

1.  Q: Why can't the radio automatically turn off when i turn off my VW?

A: If you have uses Can-bus for your VW, you should disconnect the red ACC wire to ensure the car radio can turn off automatically.

 VW canbus VW red wire ACC



1. Q: How can i upgrade the dash-cam 9660 ?

A: 1. Download the upgrade software of 9660 at https://lexxson.com/pages/download

      Choose "4. Upgrade software of LEXXSON dashcam 9660", download the software to a TF       card.

2. Turn off the dash cam, and plug the TF card into the dash cam.

3. Turn on the dash cam, the device will read the TF card and upgrade automatically. You can see the upgrade processing on the display. After the fully upgrade, it will turn off automatically.

4. Take out the TF card, then press the key power button of the camera. It's done.